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“VIP VILLAS TURKEY” started its operations in 2021 as a company of Bürküt Group of Companies. Based on the fact that the sale, rental and marketing of “luxury real estate” and “villa” cannot be the same as other real estate sales and marketing techniques; “VIP VILLAS TURKEY”, by making maximum use of real estate technologies (Proptech), presents the relevant portfolio to potential buyer candidates who are in research for the purchase decision, without going to the portfolio. It aims to provide the opportunity to deliver and compare all the details by computers and phones.

“VIP VILLAS TURKEY”, which provides opportunities such as detailed and three-dimensional photography, taking detailed videos of the portfolio, drone shots, giving the opportunity to walk around the portfolio by phone or computer, promoting the surroundings of the portfolio, finds the right buyer by using digital marketing technologies and techniques of reaching targeted data from big data before the buyers reach the portfolio. It can appear in front of the candidates, bring the portfolio they are looking for without tiring those who are looking for a “villa”, and give quick results to the owners who want to sell or rent their portfolios.

Our core values are; ​​work with honesty, integrity, high quality and excellence, customer satisfaction, solidarity, teamwork, success-oriented and respe


Our aim; is to be flexible, aggressive, entrepreneurial and technology-oriented in order to create a fast earning income for our customers and to provide the most appropriate and fast services for them.

The vision of the “VIP VILLAS TURKEY” Sales, Rental and Marketing consultancy company is to reach the highest standards in the market and to be the “villa” sales, rental and marketing consultancy company preferred by our customers in Turkey by being remembered by our customers for a long time.


As “VIP VILLAS TURKEY” Sales, Rental and Marketing consultancy company, our mission is to provide our customers with the best service in making the right decision with our specialized and highly experienced staff and to be the best “villa” sales, rental and marketing consultancy company that can be preferred by conveying the most accurate information

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